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Super7: Godzilla Minus One Ultimates and Godzilla Skeleton ReAction

Posted by: Nick on December 1, 2023 at 07:33 PM CST

Godzilla Minus One Ultimates!

Godzilla has risen from the sea to ravage an unsuspecting post-war Japan and it has never looked more terrifying! Based on the same 3D models used for the 2023 film Godzilla Minus One and approved by director Takashi Yamazaki for authenticity, this highly-articulated Toho ULTIMATES! Godzilla Minus One figure measures over 8” tall and 14” long, features intricate sculpt and premium paint detailing, and comes with an interchangeable roaring head- all of which give it a visceral sense of power and danger! If you can overcome the undeniable urge to flee for safety, add this made-to-order Toho ULTIMATES! Godzilla: Minus One to your kaiju collection!

Godzilla Skeleton ReAction

In a desperate attempt to end Godzilla’s reign of terror, an unspeakable weapon, the Oxygen Destroyer, is deployed! This articulated, 3.75” scale figure depicts the aftermath of Dr. Serizawa’s terrifying weapon- Godzilla’s skeletal remains- and includes an Oxygen Destroyer accessory. Packaged in a diorama-style box that displays Godzilla’s de-fleshed carcass in a watery grave, the Skeleton Godzilla ReAction Figure will be a sobering reminder of both man’s capacity for destruction and Godzilla’s ability to overcome even the most dire circumstances.

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